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Radio Free China (RFC)

A Proposal to Cover Mainland China with Sound of Hope Radio Broadcasts

Sound of Hope Radio (SOH) is a well established Chinese Language media network providing an alternative to China’s state controlled media with news and cultural programming. Radio Free China (RFC) is Sound of Hope’s project to reach listeners in Mainland China with programming beyond the control of China’s omnipresent blockade of free information.
RFC is seeking to pierce this barrier through large-scale shortwave radio broadcasting directly to a majority of the Mainland Chinese population; providing them with up to date news and diversity of opinion outside of government control. SOH possess the experience, talent and perspective to deliver the information Chinese people need to understand the world. Many Chinese already listen to short wave radio and others could purchase this technology cheaply and easily. With the Olympics approaching and the world paying particular attention to China, delivering free information to the Chinese people now will have the greatest impact.
The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) uses propaganda to control public opinion, oppress its own people and get support to how it handles foreign relationships. The CCP tries to block out sources of information beyond its control because its propaganda wouldn’t work if people had free access to information. RFC needs funds to purchase a sufficient number of broadcast frequencies to overcome China’s jamming. RFC is the cheapest and most convenient way to directly reach the Chinese people. SOH is uniquely qualified to carry out this task.

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Radio Free China


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The Current State of China and Chinese Language Media

China’s Position in the World
While China has wholeheartedly entered the world economy it remains a totalitarian regime which frequently chooses to thwart international norms. It engages in serious human rights abuses against its own citizens while denying them basic freedoms of religion, assembly and press. The Chinese people lack the right to elect their governments, seek redress of grievances and basic legal protections. China’s government leverages its economic and political strength to block a large international outcry against its poor human rights situation.
China is a primary ally of other totalitarian countries currently destabilizing the world and violating human rights including Sudan, North Korea, Iran and Burma. China is undermining regional stability by threatening to invade Taiwan. China sees Taiwan, Japan, the United States and Europe primarily as rivals or even enemies whose system of democracy could one day replace their totalitarian government. This fact is especially clear when you listen to information China broadcasts to its own citizens where it intentionally inflames sentiments against Taiwan, Japan and the West. These factors, along with China’s serious environmental problems, looming danger of epidemic spreading, and poisonous foods and manufactured goods produced by systematic corruption have direct negative impacts on all of the countries in the world.

China Tries to Totally Control All Chinese Language Media
The CCP’s effort to control information is comprehensive and unrivaled. The CCP employs unknown millions of agents to monitor internet use and enforce censorship laws. Dozens of people in China are in jail simply for visiting banned internet sites. Any internet company wishing to do business in China must censor itself to gain access to the market. Other large technology companies are co-opted into creating the systems China uses to block the internet.
Chinese language media are either state-owned or tightly controlled by the government, and generally walk within the “Party” line. Factual news is often blocked when conflicting with the government’s interest. Even outside of China, Chinese media, under political and financial pressure, often discipline themselves and avoid reporting in certain sensitive areas, such as human rights issues, corruption, government critics and even things like the severity of natural disasters and health epidemics. The current regime has also been purposely misleading China’s public opinion on Western countries and values, using its Party-owned propaganda machine.
CCP Propaganda has been an important mechanism for social control since the Communist revolution. Their techniques have been refined to include a mixture of true and false news reports. It has reached the point where the propaganda can completely control public opinion and demonize any person or group it wants to. The CCP leadership is in fear of its people learning about the state of affairs both inside and outside the country. They fear they will no longer be able to control the people if they have free access to information. Most of all the CCP fears people finding out about the vast and systemic crimes committed by their government and being held accountable for them.

RFC will Provide Free Information to the Chinese People
When RFC increases the number of its broadcast hours significantly the CCP will no longer be able to jam all of the signals and free information will be available to all Chinese people with a short wave radio. These Chinese people will be able to hear opinions outside of the CCP leadership for the first time. They will learn about the human rights abuses, government corruption and environmental disasters plaguing their country that have been hidden from them. They will hear a different story about the history of their country since the CCP took over, including the truth of the massacres perpetrated by Chinese dictator Mao Zedong who is widely accepted to be responsible for at least 80 million deaths and is still held up as a hero by the Chinese leadership. They will hear the truth about the Tiananmen Square massacre that is still a state secret in China. They will hear the truth about the freedoms enjoyed by many other citizens of the world and how other people and governments really perceive China. All of these things will be a shock to the Chinese people who been purposefully fed a false picture all of their lives and who have had the truth hidden from them. Millions of people in China will immediately gain one right that they have been missing for over fifty years, access to free information.
No one can be sure exactly how the Chinese people will react to this information but there are some indications in current events and precedents from history that this will be a significant event. Short Wave Radio was one of the main information sources of information to breach the Russian media blockade and dispel their propaganda before the disintegration of the Soviet Communist Block. Polish Solidarity leader and former president Lech Walesa discussed the decisive role of short wave radio for initiating the fall of communism in Russia and Eastern Europe. Very few experts predicted that the Soviet Block was vulnerable at that time when it fell.
It is the opinion of SOH leadership and other China experts that the position of the Chinese leadership is more fragile than is believed by most casual observers. The CCP has always felt that their power is illegitimate. They have never allowed the Chinese people to vote. They took power by force and they know that their government would be gone the day after any free election was held. The Chinese propaganda is constantly mentioning stability, which is actually an indication that the leadership is feeling anxious and that they could be swept out of power at any time. They use external conflicts in Japan, Taiwan and Korea to stoke Chinese nationalism when they are feeling uneasy about their power base.
Grassroots movements and opposition in China is also more developed than many people realize. The most significant internal movement right now is Tuidang, or withdrawing from the Communist Party, Youth League and Young Pioneers. This phenomena was sparked by the publication of The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, an editorial series published by The Epoch Times Newspaper that details the past and present of the Chinese Communist Party. The Conclusion of the Nine Commentaries, now widely distributed throughout China, asks readers to withdraw from the three communist organizations and so far over 25 million have done this.
There are tens of thousands of anti-government riots each year in China that are often repressed violently. This shows that large segments of the Chinese population are gaining the courage to stand up to their repressive government. There are also budding environmental movements, land rights groups and intellectuals who all oppose the CCP. Finally, there are the highly oppressed religious groups that have no allegiance to the CCP. It is no wonder that the CCP if fearful of its power base.

While the grassroots movements in China are gaining strength, the world community has been focusing intensely on China during and after the Olympics. There are international movements all around the world using this attention to expose China’s various persecutions, human rights violations and support for other regimes that suppress and murder their own citizens.

Ironically the Chinese people are not even allowed to know about these international movements created to give them rights! RFC would give hundreds of millions of Chinese the opportunity to hear about all of the people in the world supporting their rights and freedom and give them the courage to stand up and demand their rights.

About Sound of Hope Radio

Sound of Hope Radio Network (SOH) is a non-profit Chinese radio network that provides news and cultural programs to the global Chinese community through radio, satellite and online streaming. SOH is run by a dedicated team of highly educated volunteers. Most of them grew up in China and have received higher education in the west. They have a very deep understanding of the Chinese people, history and moral values. At the same time, they have gained an appreciation of the importance of human rights, freedom and democracy through their experiences in the West. SOH has an unparallel array of contacts within China.
SOH was established in 2003 by interconnecting 18 small Chinese community radio services located in the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe. The joint effort built a common platform that greatly expanded the capacity of each local station to serve the Chinese communities in different regions. A typical example is our San Francisco station, which was formerly known as Bayvoice Radio Station. The quality and capacity of our service to more than 20 cities in the Bay Area was greatly improved after SOH was formed.
Registered with State of California as a 501(c) 3 organization, and headquartered in San Francisco, SOH currently provides a shortwave (SW) broadcast program to mainland China, and radio broadcasting in 36 local AM/FM radio stations worldwide, including following ones in the major cities:
USA: San Francisco, Washington, DC, New York, Seattle, Boston, San Diego, Houston and Chicago
Europe: London, Guttenberg, Malmo, Arhus, and Copenhagen
Canada: Vancouver and Toronto
Australia: Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane
Asia: Taiwan

Sound of Hope is in a unique position to carry out RFC
SOH is in a unique position in comparison with other organizations currently broadcasting into China. They are, in descending order of broadcasting hours, Radio Taiwan International, Voice of America, Radio Free Asia, BBC, Radio France Internationale, Deutsche Welle. There are also religious groups operating shortwave programming on a much smaller scale that can be easily jammed. Typically these broadcasts are limited to a few hours a week.
All of these major shortwave radio stations are broadcasted by foreign governments which have to balance numerous aspects of their complicated geopolitical and economic relationships with China. They are often perceived as voices of foreign governments by the Chinese people.
Without any government affiliations SOH is truly a Chinese media and is free to directly report on any issue about China. SOH is regarded as the most valiant Chinese voice by our listeners due to our truthful and unrestrained reports on the suffering of deprived people, corruption of government officials, persecution of religions and campaigns against freedom of the press and law. No other radio broadcaster has a comparable network of contacts within China. With a deep understanding of Chinese history and current events, SOH helps its listeners understand and cut through government propaganda.
Sound of Hope Radio Network is unique in providing daily 24-hour news coverage of China’s affairs and tries hard to address prominent issues facing Chinese people. SOH pays special attention to China experts around the world and voices of dissent within China which would otherwise have no microphone. SOH has established a common radio platform that informs and serves the worldwide Chinese speaking population. The platform has been growing phenomenally due to genuine public needs, our staff’s dedicated work, and most importantly, the strong support from the businesses and people who share and honor our visions.

RFC could be the most cost effective and powerful way to influence China, the world’s largest nation. There is no guarantee that RFC would bring a fully fledged set of rights to the Chinese people. However, there is no doubt that having free access to information would bring a significant new right to the Chinese people and these things tend to create a chain reaction. With its incredible array of talented people Sound of Hope is in the unique position to carry out this task. At Sound of Hope reaching the people of mainland China is our primary goal. We look forward to reaching out and hearing from other people that share this interest.