How to Listen

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Listening from the website

Listening from the show’s website is as easy as a single click of the mouse.

Simply click on the “play” icon seen underneath the title of each post.

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Here’s a tip, click “Play in Popup” so that you can keep listening while browsing different parts of the site.


Listening from iTunes and subscribing to shows

The best and most convenient way to listen to our programs is to subscribe to a show’s RSS feed.

If you use iTunes this is incredibly easy. Simply click on “subscribe” in the iTunes feature box located on the sidebar of the show’s site.

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Clicking this will automatically subscribe you to the podcast for that show, and new episodes will be automatically downloaded as they are released.

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If you have an iPod it will synchronize with all your SOH podcasts and you can listen to our shows anywhere, anytime!

Visit Apple’s iTunes page for more info and a free download of the latest iTunes.

Listening from an alternative Podcast Receiver

While iTunes provides one of the best user experiences for our shows, it may not be for everyone. There are a number of great alternatives for subscribing to our podcasts on all platforms.

To subscribe to the shows using the alternatives above you will need to enter in its unique RSS feed.

This feed is often automatically discovered by web browsers. For example, Firefox will display an RSS icon at the end of the Address Bar:


You can also click on the “RSS Feed” link in the footer of each show’s website.


For most browsers this will display a page powered by Feedburner where you are given different subscription options for the RSS feed.