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Sound of Hope (SOH) is a global, non-profit provider of radio news, cultural programming, talk shows and commentaries. SOH was established by Chinese immigrants in June 2003 and now has operating teams spread across North and South America, Asia, Australia and Europe.

SOH Network radio programmes are primarily in Chinese languages (Mandarin, Cantonese and Taiwanese). But we also offer an extensive multi-lingual service that includes English, Spanish, French, Vietnamese and Korean programming.

SOH has two main operational arms. There is the Chinese side, known as The Sound of Hope Radio Network, and the Western side which is led by the English language SOH Network.

The English version of SOH is a non-profit organisation with its headquarters in Sydney, Australia. By collaborating with our team of Chinese-national reporters the SOH Network brings to light what other media cannot, or will not report on in China.

The Chinese version of SOH, is a non-profit radio network based in the San Francisco Bay Area of California in the United States. Operating from May 2003, the radio network provides independent around-the-clock reporting about China and China-related issues.

As Thomas Jefferson pointed out, “Information is the currency of freedom”. In order to satisfy the tremendous demand from people inside China for an independent source of information other than state-controlled media, The Sound of Hope Radio Network established a shortwave radio broadcast covering the whole of China. Since February it has transmitted 17 hours of shortwave programming into China daily. We believe this broadcast makes SOH the largest non-government shortwave news station serving the Chinese people.

Together, the two sides of SOH are currently broadcasting in about 20 cities worldwide through local AM/FM radio, as well as to mainland China through shortwave radio and to a worldwide Internet audience via online streaming. We reach a worldwide audience which includes millions of expatriate Chinese and tens of millions of listeners in mainland China.

SOH is locally based, but has a global reach. SOH's reporters, hosts and producers have a wide variety of different cultural backgrounds, giving us a local insight on many global issues. We work hard to bring our listeners as wide a variety of content as we can, and continually try to develop and improve our programming to keep our listeners entertained and informed.

Mission Statement:

Bring China to the World and Bring the World to China.


At Sound of Hope we are committed to providing our listeners with news and cultural programming that is both honest and objective. Part of our role is to give a voice to those that have none, and to bring that voice to you.

We offer timely news coverage and in-depth analysis of issues across Asia with a focus on China and believe in offering everyone, including the people of China, an independent source of information regarding China's political, economic, cultural and environmental issues.

The Sound of Hope Radio Network is striving to provide a community service by helping to resurrect and preserve traditional Chinese culture while helping to bridge the gap between the millions of Chinese immigrants and the societies they now call home. Our audio based platform is intended to provide a bridge across the cultural and information gaps between Asia and Western culture.

Our goal is to create a truly independent radio media that can speak the truth for now and for a far future.