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Posted by Rich Crankshaw on Thursday, May 12th, 2011
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An Australian wildlife park has recovered a stolen koala after a tip off led them to a trash bin containing the animal. (By brian.gratwicke/Flickr)

- Democracy Party targeted in eastern China,
- Lin Zhoa remembered,
- Independent media under threat in Taiwan, and
- Stolen koala found in trash bin.

But first our SOH focus on China.


Recently SOH has received several reports from eastern China’s Zhejiang Province of Democracy Party members being arrested. Zhu Yufu was detained February 19 and Xue Mingkai April 23, both on charges of inciting subversion of state power, a rather poorly defined charges often levelled against dissidents.

The Democracy Party told our Chinese reporters it was being targeted by the Zhejiang authorities because they have been very active in the province and the regime has not been able to silence them.

Relatives of the two activists have been harassed and at least one local lawyer has been scared off from defending Zhu Yufu. The Democratic Party said they were trying to find a lawyer from out of the province to take the case on. Part of the problem is that China’s judiciary, including the body granting lawyers licenses to practice, is not independent from the regime.

Interviewed and reported by Tian Xi for Sound of Hope Radio.


Dozens of people in China spontaneously visited the tomb of famous dissident Lin Zhao April 29 on the forty-third anniversary of her death.

SOH spoke to some of those who went to pay their respects to Lin Zhao. They said about forty people, mostly from Shanghai and Suzhou, were at the outspoken dissident’s tomb. Adding, there were also several car loads of plain-clothes police by the roadside monitoring those inside.

Lin Zhao, like many intellectuals, became a victim of Mao Zedong’s 1957 Hundred Flowers Movement. Arrested in 1960 for being a counter-revolutionary she continued to pen critical commentary about Mao while imprisoned, famously using her own blood write with. Many in China regard her as a heroine who fought for dignity, freedom and democracy.

Interviewed and reported by Fu Ming and Tang Li for Sound of Hope Radio.


NTD-Sand and dust storms hit a large portion of northern and northeastern China for the second consecutive day Thursday May 12. Cities have been blanketed in yellow clouds, disrupting transportation.

The sandstorms hit Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces in the northeast Wednesday May 11, bringing with them huge amounts of dust. The local weather bureau rated the air quality hazardous and advised people to stay inside.

In Inner Mongolia, sandstorms covered some of its cities in orange clouds of dust Wednesday May 11, reducing visibility and causing two airports to cancel all flights .


SOH takes a look across the wider Asia-Pacific region.


ET-A Taiwanese government-controlled telecommunications company has decided to shut down the satellite broadcasts to China of a TV station providing independent, uncensored China news.

Critics say this decision was meant to curry favour with the Chinese regime and represents a threat to Taiwan

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