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Posted by erin on Sunday, August 10th, 2008

Heavy Rain in India by kinshuksunilIn this Bulletin…

- Chinese stock market plummets on Olympic opening day;
- Wife of Chinese human rights activist missing; and
- Heavy rain causes homes to collapse, killing 19.

But first, here’s our SOH focus on China


The Chinese stock market was marked by massive falls on the Olympic opening day.

The Shanghai Stock Exchange Index closed at 2605.72 points, falling 121.86 points or 4.47 percent. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange Index fell by 376.51 points to close at 8658.78, nearly 60 percent points lower than the high recorded in October 2007 of 6124 points.

In July, a survey done by a finance television program on China’s state media showed over 90 percent of stockholders are in the red.


Zhen Jingyen, the wife of Chinese human rights activist Hu Jia has been reported missing on August 7, hours before the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics. Some speculated that she has been detained by the Chinese public security bureau, the Epoch Times has reported.

Zhen and her daughter have been under either house arrest or very close monitoring by Chinese officials after her husbanad Hu Jia, an advocate for the rights of AIDS sufferer and other minority groups is serving prison time after being found guilty of “inciting subversion of state power and the socialist system”.

Taiwan base rights group Chinese Association For Human Rights said that Zhen was reported missing from her home on August 7, and her friends and relative have been unable to contact her and suspect that she has been taken by police to prevent her from speaking to journalists during the Olympics.

And now for the rest of today’s Asia Cast

The Georgian President said his country was ready to take immediate steps towards a ceasefire in South Ossetia providing Russia stopped its attacks.

On Thursday Georgia sent troops to retake the breakaway province, which has been independent since the 1990s, and that move triggered an invasion of Russian forces dispatched to restore the status quo.

Russia has accused Georgia of “ethnic cleansing” in South Ossetia, where the majority of the population is ethnically distinct from Georgians.


More than 60 people have been killed in northern Vietnam by flash floods and landslides caused by a tropical storm.

Dozens of people are missing and entire villages have been cut off in Lao Cai, the worst-affected province.

A rescue effort led by the army is under way but is being hampered by the severe weather

Tropical storm Kammuri, which came in from the Gulf of Tonkin and made landfall on Friday, hit China with rain and winds earlier in the week.

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Nineteen people have died Saturday after 12 hours of heavy rain caused houses to collapse in Hyderabad, southern India, according to a state official.

Another 24 hours of intense rain is predicted, raising worries that more people could die, said Ratna Prabha, the Andhra Pradesh state relief commissioner.

These deaths bring to 26 the number of Indians killed in the region by rainfall over the past two weeks, he said. More than 3,500 homes have been heavily damaged, he said.


Cambodia Prime Minister Hun Sen will continue on for another five years in office after confirmation that his party won the general election two weeks ago.

The election committee will now have to deal with complaints from the opposition parties.

They have alleged that hundreds of thousands of their supporters were denied the chance to vote while a similar number of ineligible people were able to cast ballots.

And now for our daily round-up of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

American Michael Phelps smashed his own world record as he won the 400 metres individual medley this morning to kick-start his bid for a record eight golds at this year’s Olympics.

Phelps took 1.41 seconds off his old mark, the eighth time he has broken the 400m medley world record.

It was his seventh career Olympic gold medal and his ninth Olympic medal overall.


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